Hi. I'm Rob. I write plays. Sometimes I write other things like essays and a little prose, but for the most part it's plays. You can get the rights to them if you're interested in producing them. It's super easy, just shoot me an e-mail at mirrormakerprod@gmail.com.

I've been writing for fun since I was a wee little boy. Then I became a big boy and decided to study it for real. I did so at The Lir at Trinity College Dublin where I earned my MFA. My plays have been performed all over the place, including New York, Dublin, Minneapolis, and a few others. I've been in residence at Montclair Kimberley Academy since 2017, which has been swell and has lead to the creation of plays like They Say We'll Have Some Fun and The Sundogs.

This is my little slice of the Internet. It has blog posts, my resume, info on upcoming happenings, all that good stuff. Enjoy your stay with us.